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Breathing Problem "Bed Of Sex, Pit Of Tar" (pre-order)


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2x12" Vinyl L.P., re-issue

Artist(s): Breathing Problem
Label: Torn Light, BPP
Cat. no: TL009, BPP052


Full length vinyl re-issue of BPP052 tape. Great blend of dark ambient, power electronics and wave with a neo-folk touch to it. You can clearly hear the influences of both artists collaborating.

Bed of Sex, Pit of Tar, Places of Reward And Punishment, Garden Of Persephone, Heart of Snow, Highly Personal, Holding Your Hand and Your Last Day produced by M.Crites-Krumm

Your Last Day is a collaboration with Swallowing Bile.

Session 1, Mouth to Mouth, R, The Act of Seeing With One's Eye, 39 Lashes produced by Breathing Problem.

Out on June 26th.