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Dok-U-Ment "Kum De Profundis - Dokument 1982-1984"


12" Vinyl L.P., reissue

Artist(s): Dok-U-Ment
Label: Vinyl-on-demand
Cat. no: vod138.03


In late 1982 Jesse Last and Malcolm Smith, both from Cambridge Massachusetts, launched their pioneering electro-experimental-techno project called Dok-U-Ment also known as DOKUMENT PROJEKT..very heavly influenced by THROBBING GRISTLE, doing long inprov electronic pieces. With PTV/Monk hair cut ov a shaven head with a ponytail in the back MALCOLM looked very much like Genisis older brother bearing the same black ring sunken eyes.

They released a very limited self-produced tape which came on the radar by Sleep Chamber's John Zewizz. The Tape had only the fingerprint of the index finger ov MALCOLM & JESSIE on the cover. Containg no other info.

Even though DOKUMENT only existed for 2 and a half years they maintained a large Boston Industrial following. MALCOLM had a very aggressive personality and after only 1 appearence on WZBC he was banned from being anywhere on their property.