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Echoes of Yul "The Healing"


CD, album

Artist(s): Echoes of Yul
Label: Zoharum
Cat. no: ZOHAR 106-2


After two regular albums, a split release and a well-received EP called "Tether", Echoes of Yul returns with a brand new full-length album filled with their own vision of slow-motion music. The weight and intensity of the previous releases give way to atmospheric journey through the author's concept of sonic tracks, krautrock, dub and minimal rock. Less literal and more musically abstract - that's what the new Echoes of Yul sounds like with all their characteristic elements but exploring new territories and not repeating their previous ideas. Michał Śliwa is not trying to follow worn-out, tried and safe paths, but created a new coherent piece of work entitled "The Healing".

The album is produced by Michał Śliwa and mastered by James Plotkin (OLD, Khanate). The cover was desinged by Maciej Mehring and Michał Śliwa.

The album is released in a digipak and is strictly limited to 500 copies.