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Ligature "Paradise"

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Artist(s): Ligature
Label: Clandestine Compositions
Cat. no: 09


The sweating sun recedes silently as the clamor
of a chain link cacophony swells on
unease hangs in the air like a veil

a vacant language is spoken
while few understand it’s truth
gilded between the lines

The glamour of life slacks into it’s monochromatic & pallid vision.
Have I been here before –– how long have I stayed?
"You can see paradise from here"

After only two previous EPs Chris Hansell offers here yet again a most ambitious demonstration of how far Ligature’s dynamic craft has further developed in the growth of character & articulation. The distant cyclical drones of piano, seething plumes of rising static, nuanced sound cut-ups borrowed from daily life, and the caustic voice of this narrative journey leaves the listener with no option to look the other way. Without a doubt “Paradise” is the strongest effort thus far from this project & is essential listening for those interested in the cognate genres of contemporary Industrial Musik.

Comes with additional booklet containing lyrics and collages by Caroline Schub. Layout by Valentine Sinclair.

Edition of 150.